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Electronic products and capacitors from Fusetronics

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Fusetronics  is a supplier of wide range of products including passive components and circuit protection devices. Fusetronics offers holders and blocks, resistor networks, diode networks, variable resistors, electrolytic and ceramic capacitors and tantalum.

Fusetronics supplies wide range of electronic products and integrated solutions to meet the ever changing demands and needs of technology driven markets. The integrated solutions are cost-effective and comprehensive. The electronic products offered by Fusetronics include circuit protection, super capacitors and magnetics.

Fusetronics supplies ceramic tube ferrule fuses chip and brick fuses which aids in protecting high speed data circuits without distorting data. Fusetronics provides wide range of inductors including transformers, current sensors, toroids and high current power inductors. These products are used for variety of applications including switching regulators and calculators.

Fusetronics offers PowerStor range of super capacitors with high energy storage and ultra-low resistance for portable devices and electronic circuits. The super capacitors provided by Fusetronics are suitable for electronic memory and pulse power applications and also includes an alkaline battery.

The automotive products offered by Fusetronics include circuit protection products, fuses and various other accessories for automotive aftermarket applications.

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