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Active harmonic filters from Fuseco

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Fuseco  presents active harmonic filters designed to offset the consequences of insufficient power quality in various environments.

Insufficient power quality can inflict serious losses on a business, even posing a threat to human life, especially in mission critical applications and highly sensitive environments such as hospitals.

Good power quality saves money and energy while protecting the environment. Active harmonic filters from Fuseco offer several advantages including reliability, cost savings, efficiency, flexibility, fast response times, economy and compact dimensions.

Key features and benefits of Fuseco active harmonic filters:
  • Meets IEEE 519 and IEC 519
  • Interactive displays
  • Scalable for higher outputs
  • Fast, accurate performance
  • Open and closed loop control
  • Eliminates all relevant disturbance patterns in the power lines
  • Reduces wear on electrical loads and overheating of cables and transformers, resulting in cost savings
  • Increases efficiency by preventing losses due to production downtimes
  • Constantly adapts to the network topology
  • Compensates disturbances before they can cause damage
  • Lowers energy costs through reduced reactive power demand
  • Compact design requires very little space compared to traditional solutions

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