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Business consultancy services from Fudje Software

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Fudje Software  offers business consultancy and project management services. Fudje Software offers software which is especially designed to cater specific requirement. Fudje Software has a diverse experience in providing business consultancy services.

Fudje Software offers a wide variety of software which includes CalcWiz, CircuitWiz and Package deals. CircuitWiz is designed to provide sketch graphic diagrams in a known platform. Complex commands are eliminated by Fudje Software and designed CircuitWiz which can be used by any one. Software from Fudje Software is provided with a calculator to support conversion tables, Ohm’s law, motor power, general power and wire resistance calculations. CircuitWiz symbols can be pasted to different worksheets of the same workbook which facilitates in storing all drawings related to the same project in single workbook.

Fudje Software offers CalcWiz which includes various features like aerial cable calculations, fault loop impedance, special cable calculations, saving calculation memory, loan repayment calculator, resistor colour codes and improved cables in conduit calculator, etc.

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