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Transparent and efficient networking

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article image Controlling and monitoring of welding systems with Xplorer from Fronius.

USERS can now control all the welding systems on their network from a single PC.

Xplorer from Fronius provides all the necessary functions in a single package: storing of process data (jobs) from various welding processes, documenting settings and changes, quality management, actual value archiving, statistical analyses and back-up functions.

Other highlights include intuitive operation and the computer-aided networking of welding systems.

Instead of abstract searches using IP addresses, Xplorer enhances clarity and saves time. The user can search for each welding system visually using its real location and name in plain text.

Status indicators show whether the power source is “OK” or “NOK”. The user can change parameters and limit values centrally and see what has been changed on which system, when and by whom.

Xplorer collects and stores the desired command and actual data, records comments and saves documents such as text, photos and graphics.

Quality management is enhanced by having command and actual data available for each welded component, together with its number and seam. For example, minimum/maximum/average values for parameters such as current, voltage or wirefeed motor current. The user has the error frequencies for each job at his fingertips.

This Fronius software package provides sophisticated analyses to increase efficiency and optimise processes. These analyses include job comparisons, with differences displayed and comparisons of welding systems that are meant to be identically configured.

To ensure the engineer can retain an overview of all this data, Xplorer can also display the values (such as current and voltage) in graphical format if desired.

This also makes identifying a fault significantly easier. The software stores the desired data, protocols and analyses in a logbook.

With its wide range of functions, Xplorer facilitates optimum maintenance and servicing. For example, the Fronius service engineer can analyse past faults, or disregard them.

Xplorer can also load new jobs and distribute them to all the welding systems in the network.

Users of Fronius welding systems receive Xplorer as Freeware.

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