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Fronius releases new PlasmaModule 10

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The new PlasmaModule 10 opens up the world of digital plasma welding, both for manual and mechanical or automated applications with stringent quality requirements. The PlasmaModule 10’s advantages include totally spatter-free welding, highest welding speeds, less component distortion compared to the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) process, small heat affected zones, relatively long arc lengths and no more time-consuming seam preparation.
 Plasma welding is an interesting alternative for the welding of sheets and other components with seams up to 8 mm thick. It is also highly suitable for repair work and for brazing in just about all steel processing sectors and applications, particularly where alloys are involved.
Plasma welding systems from Fronius are modular in design. The digital PlasmaModule 10 uses a TIG power source, a cooling unit and a plasma torch to provide a complete plasma welding system. Recommended power sources are the MagicWave 2200 or TransTig 2200 (or the more powerful versions of these models). Users can now configure their TIG welding systems from Fronius as plasma welding systems, and simply convert them back to standard TIG systems whenever necessary.
Other features of the digital PlasmaModule 10 compared to analog plasma systems include its electronic gas regulation system, and complete digital process control to produce 100% reproducible results. The system can also be controlled externally via a robot interface. As the new module is located in the nozzle and not immersed in the weld pool, wear of the tungsten electrode is reduced to a minimum. The high current density penetrates the workpiece to a depth that can normally only be achieved using a laser beam. The user can use filler metal in exactly the same way as in TIG welding. Plasma welding systems from Fronius are ideal for making pipe flange connections. Mechanised or automated systems can be assembled from a standard set of modules and, unlike TIG welding, plasma welding can even be used for keyhole welding and brazing.

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