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Fronius introduces TransCut 300 plasma cutting system

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Change of direction: plasma cutting with liquid instead of gas


Liquid instead of compressed air is the starting medium for the new plasma cutting process from Fronius. One advantage is the unlimited mobility. Another is reduced emissions of harmful substances.


The plasma cutting system makes the workplace more pleasant. TransCut 300 is on one hand, the product name for the new plasma cutting system, and on the other, the generic term for a brand new cutting technology.


TransCut 300 signals the start of a new development trend: mobile, generator-compatible systems will have a significant impact on cutting processes in the field. In future, environmental-friendly and healthier green cutting will become the norm in all aspects of the metal-working industry.


Compared to compressed air or gas as a starting medium, liquid demonstrates some clear benefits, which require little space, so can easily be stored on site. There is no longer any need to connect to a static or mobile compressed air generation system or gas supply. As emissions are remarkably low, the liquid medium helps facilitate a green cutting environment. This becomes even more significant, when one remembers that the relevant EU committees are about to announce significant reductions in workplace emission limits. The intention is to bring about significant improvements in working conditions.


TransCut 300 is small and at 14.6 kg, a light plasma cutting system in its class. For a top-quality cut, Fronius recommends 6 mm sheet steel, aluminium or high-alloy (stainless) steel. Cuts of up to 10 mm are possible. All TransCut 300 requires is a 230 V connection and is generator-compatible.


Conventional mobile, i.e. manually-operated, plasma cutting systems require either a permanent compressed air connection or a dedicated compressor. Both these factors significantly impair mobility and handling.


TransCut 300 uses its alternative supply concept to skirt round this problem. The integral tank contains the liquid cutting medium, holds 1.5 litres, and can be easily topped up using cartridges. This liquid, in a vaporised form, serves as the medium for the plasma.


On a typical building site, one tank will last about one month. During any subsequent welding work, the risk of pore formation is reduced, as the process prevents nitriding of the cut surfaces.


What will particularly appeal to its operators are the TransCut 300's unlimited mobility and ease of use. Simply hitch up the device, go to site, plug in, and start cutting. Plug and Cut, cutting has never been so simple nor so portable.

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