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Fronius equips systems with TransPocket 2500 and 3500

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Fronius developers have equipped two three-phase systems with new technology and its benefits: the new TransPocket 2500 and 3500. An ideal characteristic leads to perfect welding results. With MMA welding, welders can achieve such results with the help of resonant intelligence. Even in adverse conditions, the machine technology patented for Fronius always ensures a perfect and constant arc. Moreover, it provides the welder with a considerable power reserve. This prevents the arc from breaking for example. Because the “technically controlled inner life” of a welding system with resonant intelligence is very complex, this technology was previously only available for single-phase TransPocket 1500.
With conventional MMA welding machines, fluctuations in the mains voltage and mains cables of different lengths have a negative effect on the output power. The same applies to changes in the arc length. Fluctuations in the current then lead to changes in the arc, and in turn to poor quality welding results. Such undesirable side effects are not an issue with resonant intelligence, even with cable lengths of 100 m. So that sticking is avoided if there is a short circuit, the control briefly raises the current. If the electrode threatens to sink into the weld pool, the increased current prevents the weld pool from solidifying. This practically prevents the rod electrode from "sticking". With all TransPockets, “just-in-time” control of the power source generates a gently burning arc. The welder can therefore also process cellulose electrodes up to 5 mm in diameter in vertical-down seam position. This is barely possible with most conventional welding machines.
The prerequisite for resonant intelligence is the resonance inverter developed by Fronius. It generates an interaction between welding transformer and capacitor. In addition to the capacitors, the transformer also takes on the role of energy buffer. Resonant here denotes a particular condition: Transformer and capacitors are matched in such a way that they reboot each other. The cleverly devised combination of resonance and buffer function creates power reserves that are on hand if required by the arc. The welding current range of the three-phase TransPocket 2500 reaches 250 A and that of the TransPocket 3500 to 350 A. Extra functions such as SoftStart, HotStart and Anti Stick complete the positive weld properties and make for added convenience when working. Equally worth mentioning is the extremely robust housing with integral handle. The machines’ low weights (12.5 kg and 18 kg) mean they are ideal for portable use.

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