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Liquid handling equipment from Fronine Laboratories and Supplies

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The various eppendorf products offered by Fronine Laboratories and Supplies include eppendorf pipettes and liquid handling, liquid handling support centre, centrifugation, PCR, sample preparation, consumables, UV/VIS detection, cell technology and physiocare ergonomics.

The liquid handling equipments offered by Fronine Laboratories and Supplies include eppendorf digital bottletop buret, eppendorf bottletop dispensers, eppendorf combitips plus, EDOS electronic dispensing system, eppendorf PICASO pipette calibration software, pipette tips, filter tips, eppendorf easypet pipetting aid, eppendorf positive displacement pipette, eppendorf multipette plus repeating pipette, eppendorf multipette Xstream and stream pipette, eppendorf research physiocare multichannel pipette, eppendorf research pro automatic pipette, eppendorf research pipettes and eppendorf reference pipettes.

The eppendorf digital bottletop buret from Fronine Laboratories and Supplies sets new standards for manual titration. The pulsfree dispensing technique used in this buret allows the desired volumes to dispense continuously. This makes the titration easy and simple, with precision values within the required limits. The buret features safety valve without loss of reagent, modular and service-friendly construction, standard alkaline batteries, simple calibration program, adjustable filling tube, telescopic filling tube and a connection for drying tube. The bottletop buret is extremely sturdy and its control and display elements provide a fatigue-free and easy operation.

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