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Air cleaning products from Fresh Air Australia

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Fresh Air Australia  is one of the leading suppliers of indoor air cleaning products such as ionizers, air purifiers, UV lamps, ozone generator for use in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. The air purification and cleaning products help to clean viruses, fungus, bacteria, mildew, mould, protozoa, spores and other pathogens found in contaminated air at work or home.

The products of Fresh Air Australia are backed by extensive contaminated air pollution control and air quality testing research providing optimal building indoor air quality for business and home. The air duct and mobile cleaning equipment covers indoor air purification and sterilisation, indoor and automotive vehicle odour control, commercial, industrial and residential air cleaning and custom design air pollution solutions.

The mission of Fresh Air Australia is to improve the people’s health and wellbeing. Fresh Air Australia is committed to excellence in competitive pricing and customer service. The filtration system used in the air cleaning products oxidizes gases, odours, chemical fumes, tobacco smoke, vapours and nicotine on contact.

Fresh Air Australia offers a comprehensive range of air-purifying cleaning systems suiting all forms of applications that include light commercial locations, industrial building sites and domestic applications. These systems suit situations to fight against virus, bacteria, epidemic and pollution control in supermarkets and hospitals.

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