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Weigh batching systems available from Fresco Systems Australasia

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Fresco Systems Australasia  can cater for customers’ batching requirements to ensure maximum accuracy is acquired while minimising capital requirements. Fresco Systems Australasia’s weigh batching systems range from a simple loss in weight system/gain in weight system to a PLC controlled recipe based system with multiple feeding sources.

A loss in weight system works on the basis of counting/measuring the amount of weight that has been lost by the load cells. An example of a simple loss in weight system is when a raw material is being fed into a mixer/blender from a bulk bag unloader. The material can be fed using a conveyor, screw conveyor, metering screw feeder or pneumatic conveying system. The bulk bag unloader and the feeding equipment will be on load cells.

As the operator enters the desired weight in the batch controller, the system records the weight measured by the load cells and then starts the feeding process until the desired weight loss is fed from the system. The advantage of a loss in weight system feeding multiple ingredients is that it can be done simultaneously reducing batch times and equipment sizing.

Opposite to a loss in weight system, is a gain in weight system which works on the basis of measuring the gained weight in the material destination whether it is a blender, hopper or any vessel on a load cell arrangement or on a weigh platform.

Bulk bag changes can be accommodated during the batching process eliminating the need to have large hoppers. These systems signal the operator when the bag change is required and continue the batch when a full bulk bag has been placed on the bulk bag unloader.

For systems where a requirement of more than one source of materials is required, a recipe based system can be programmed so the operator only has to input the recipe required into a PLC control system. This minimises batching times and the risk of human error.

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