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V-Tec hopper loaders available from Fresco Systems Australasia

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Fresco Systems Australasia  have expanded their range of pneumatic conveying systems by the addition of the V-Tec hopper loader range. The V-Tec hopper loader/system comes in seven different sizes and in either pneumatic or electric controlled versions. With capacities up to 9,000kg/hr and distances up to 30m it is an addition to Fresco pneumatic conveying systems.

The V-Tec hopper loader is suitable for filling packing machines, tablet presses, blenders, metering screw feeders and process systems. It can handle powders, granules, tablets and sticky free or non-free flowing material. The multi-stage vacuum pump is powered by compressed air and generates vacuums up to -92kpa.

The V-Tec hopper loader is suitable for hazardous dust areas. The inbuilt pneumatic control system allows for a free-standing unit, which requires a single compressed air supply only. Conveying, discharge and dwell times are easily set up by the operator using the three dial knobs in the control cabinet mounted on the side of the hopper. The cycle timing is adjusted during initial set-up matching the product conveyed and the system through-put rate.

The V-Tec hopper loader/system can convey product from drums, 20 to 25kg bags, bulk bags or bag dump hoppers by utilising either a pickup wand or hopper charging adaptor. The conveying air flow can be manually adjusted to allow either lean or dense phase conveying. This minimises product degradation and line wear while maximising system through-put. The conveying cycle is a cyclic process filling the hopper then discharging at preset intervals.

The tangential inlet transition causes a cyclonic effect on the incoming product separating the product and conveyed air. The air then passes through the filter, multi-stage vacuum pump and out to atmosphere. The hopper exhaust valve opens the discharging product into the downstream process below. The system continues until a signal is received closing the supply pneumatic air solenoid valve.

The V-Tec hopper loader weighs from 10 to 36kg making it light and transportable. Each unit can be easily dismantled into smaller manageable sections allowing easy relocation and cleaning by a single operator. The side mounted quick release clips provide fast access and reassembly to all sections of the V-Tec hopper loader. Silicon seals ensure hygienic sealing between each section.

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