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There are two forms of pneumatic conveying - Vacuum Conveying Systems and Pressure Conveying Systems. These pneumatic conveyors are for industries involved in the manufacture of processing of any dry powder or granular material.

Pneumatic conveying systems is used to transport a vast array of materials from one or more pickup points to a destination or multiple destinations from only a few meters up to hundreds of meters apart.

Industrial conveyor technology from Fresco
  • Vacuum conveying is a low cost method of pneumatic conveying. It is ideally suited to the loading of extruder hoppers or direct loading of blenders or other such vessels.
  • Pressure conveying is suited to the conveying of materials to various destinations such as weigh hoppers in a ring main system with the excess product and conveying air returning to the material source.
Horizontal and vertical conveyor systems
The Fresco conveyors provide the versatility of conveying vertically and horizontally. This enables the conveying tube to be run in a route that avoids many obstacles in a production facility.

Long radius bends reduce wear and pressure loss within a system although Tee bends are sometimes used on fragile or very abrasive products.
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05/05/09 - Heat generated within pneumatic conveying systems causes problems for heat sensitive products and, as a result, often rules out pneumatic conveying as a possible means of powder conveying between two
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30/04/09 - The Fresco bag dumps, available from Fresco Systems Australasia, can be integrated to fit downstream equipments such as flexible or rigid screw conveyors and pneumatic transfer systems and blenders.

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