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Metering Screw Feeders are used to accurately meter powdered, granular or flaky products in a process system. Fresco offer both Volumetric and Gravimetric types of metering screw feeders. Volumetric units meter product flow rate by volume and set over a given time, while Gravimetric units meter product flow rate by weight and control using loadcells.

The range of Metering Screw Feeders by Fresco provide throughputs ranging from 1.76L/hr up to 13650L/hr

  • Pneumatically actuated flow control valve installed for fluid powder handling
  • Unit agitator de-aerates and densifies product to a uniform density
  • Breaks any bridges that are held up in the hopper
  • Vast selection of screw sizes and types available
  • Wide cross-section of products can be fed through the unit efficiently and accurately

Fresco Metering Screw Feeders provide multiple weigh batching solutions, gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight systems that can be easily integrated with other equipment

  • Volumetric accuracy of ± 1% to ±2% and Gravimetric accuracy of ±0.25% to ±1%, depending on the product
  • Two-way RS 232 serial ports can be used to send and receive signals from other plant control systems
  • Weigh platforms fitted under the standard feeder linked to a batch controller provide accurate loss-in-weight feeding
  • Easily removable front section for easy-access cleaning and screw changes

Working with electrical control and automation engineers, Fresco can provide high accuracy batching solutions that will ensure reliability and precision whatever the requirements are.

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