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Dust collectors and filter units available from Fresco Systems Australasia

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Fresco Systems Australasia  have increased their range of quality stainless steel dust collectors and filter units. The designs incorporate new features, including hygienic design, full stainless steel construction, easy side and top access, improved filter cleaning, increased body strength, large air receivers and optional explosion vents.

Each unit is manufactured from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel including the filter cartridge end caps. Standard filter sizes ranging from 21m² to 147m² allow for air flows from 720-5,400m³/hr with efficiencies of 99.999% to 0.5micron. The housings are cylindrical providing clean designs and high strength in pressure and vacuum applications.

The filter housing can be either be welded to the hopper for hygiene applications or flanged for fitment to silos, existing equipment or to facilitate easy installation. Dust-laden air enters the hopper section through a tangential or parallel entry port with heavy particulate dropping out into the hopper below with light particles collecting on the filter media.

The filter cleaning is through a reverse pulse filter cleaning system using diaphragm valves and blow tubes. The intermittent pulsing is controlled through a solid state frequency timer with adjustable settings. The dislodged particles drop into the integral hopper below or silo (depending on the application). Discharge from the hopper can be controlled by rotary or butterfly valves.

Certified explosion vents rated to 0.1bar are fitted where required which can be ducted to a safe discharge location. Optional burst sensors detect when the explosion vent has failed and provide instantaneous feedback to the plant control system. Optional non-certified explosion vents are also available on request.

Typical dust collector applications also include the Fresco fan which is moulded from PVC with a one piece moulded PP rotor. The fans are available in two models ranging up to 3,000m³/hr with up to 125P suction. Noise levels rated at 75dba are typical without the use of any additional silencers. These fans are suitable for harsh corrosive environments where longevity is required. Larger fans are available in carbon or mild steel.

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