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Case study: Designing buildings for industry

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Fresco Systems Australasia provided consultancy to a longstanding customer that was looking to move out of their existing premises.

As niche market blenders, the customer had small production runs and intensive clean down processes. The facility sought to retain their ability to produce customer-specific blends while also enhancing productivity to be able to handle the increasing demand without jumping to a high volume process and losing the attributes required by customers in the small volume niche market.

The customer sought advice and ideas from Fresco Systems on the vision of their new premises, and whether their existing operational practices were still valid. While retaining the existing quality of their product without compromise, they also needed to incorporate appropriate best practice.

Fresco Systems provided a consulting service, blending their extensive knowledge with the customer’s specific business experience to retain key aspects of their production, while introducing better and more efficient practices.

Using various process layout options, communication was made easier between the architects, management and operators, enabling all stakeholders to consider the options, and contribute to the design process and solution, thereby increasing the chances of success of the move through increased ownership by all parties over the final process.

As capital constrained the speed of change, the solution also needed to account for small incremental steps in the move to the end goal. The new building needed to incorporate the layout right from when they first moved into the premises; however the equipment and process changes that occurred over time meant the sales teams could start selling more volume, and production could meet the increasing demand, with the resulting cash flow funding the next steps, leading to a win-win situation. 

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