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FRESCO Systems has released a new range of bulk bag unloading equipment including forklift load, electric hoist, and trolley load, catering for bulk bags ranging up to 2000kg.

The modular design comes pre-assembled which allows for quick installation and adaptability to all applications.

The Fresco forklift bulk bag unloader has four fully adjustable sturdy uprights, which allows for any size of bulk bag, by simply removing the retainer pins and adjusting the vertical height of the support frame pockets.

Bags straps are quickly and easily secured to the forklift lifting frame providing a safe and secure attachment while being lifted and positioned in the pockets.

Electric hoist and trolley load units allow for loading of bulk bags without the use of forklifts. The electric hoist can be supplied with different lifting capacities up to 2000kg and lifting speeds up to 6.5m/min. Pneumatic hoist and trolleys are also available if required.

Three different styled lifting frames accommodate bag straps, and bag heights of various sizes, within the support frame.

The top section of the support frame is fully adjustable and can be rotated to suit bag loading from any direction.

Split frames for low headroom applications allow the versatility of bulk bag discharging where other designs are not suitable. The split frame reduces the required headroom by 1-1.2m.

The Bulk bag is attached to the forklift lifting frame before being loaded into the mid section which is also fitted with the bag massagers. The forklift then repositions to lift the mid-section complete with bulk bag onto the stationery base. The large location pockets allow for quick and safe positioning of each sub frame by the operator.

The split frame fitted with the bag closer allows the operator to partially unload a bulk bag and remove it from the process and load another product. Purchasing multiple frames allows the operator to easily changeover bags for faster unloading of products.

With many standard features and a large range of optional features the Fresco bulk bag unloaders suit most budgets. All designs are adaptable to suit hazardous dust zone applications.

All out-lifting equipment is designed to meet local standards and is independently load tested and certified. Additional features include bag massager, spout clamp, dust collector, and bag closing device.

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24/11/2014 - Unfortunately all our bag massagers are integrated into our bulk bag unloader frame and to incorporate this into an existing frame will be very costly ...

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