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Bulk bag fillers available from Fresco Systems Australasia

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Fresco Systems Australasia’s  range of bulk bag fillers are designed to provide high accuracy and ergonomics while being robust enough to stand up harsh environments. Bulk bags up to 2000mm high and weighing 2000kgs can be filled at up to 25 units/hr. The double wound mechanism allows for quick bag height adjustment by the operator to suit any bag size.

Rear bag strap hooks that slide forward allow the operator to load an empty bulk bag from the front of the unit and clamp the fill spout using one handed bag spout clamp. The bag straps are retained on the hooks and when filling is complete the hooks rotate 90°, allowing for easy removal of the bulk bag by gravity or powered conveyor or forklift.

Offered as an option, the Fresco bag inflator inflates the bulk bag prior to filling, removing creases and folds which could cause irregular filling of the bag, making it unstable. The venturi type bag inflator has no moving parts therefore reducing maintenance and is fully sealed during the bag filling process by a pneumatically actuated butterfly valve.

Displaced air is vented to a dust collector or vent sock during the bag filling process and is sealed off by a pneumatically actuated butterfly valve while the bag inflator is in operation.

The densifying deck provides vibration to the base of the bulk bag during the filling process ensuring the product is de-aerated and the product fills the bulk bag providing a compact bag. Discharge and infeed conveyors including powered and gravity are available to suit all installations.

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