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Freighter trailers with mezzanine decks put Torque Logistics on top

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article image Freighter supplied Torque Logistics with two drop deck T-Liners, both equipped with removable mezzanine decks

A fleet of five Freighter trailers is helping Brisbane-based Torque Logistics transport speciality mining machinery built by US manufacturer Joy Global to various locations in Australia.
Torque Logistics has been working with Joy Global for almost a decade, freighting equipment from the ports to their head office in the Southern Highlands as well as to a number of workshops and distribution hubs in Queensland and New South Wales.
Representing one of the largest mining machinery producers in the world in Australia, Joy Global prides itself on offering a value-added service and is committed to assisting its clientele perform at the lowest possible cost while ensuring all 1,400 staff in Australia return home without injury or incident. To achieve these objectives on the transport side as well, the company has chosen to work closely with local expert, Torque Logistics, a small family-owned company operating out of Brisbane.
Daryl Morrison, Warehouse Distribution Manager at Joy Global explains that the two companies have a strategic, long term partnership that continues to develop with Torque’s fleet allowing them to really establish a strong foothold in the local mining sector.
Torque has built up a small, but versatile fleet of five trailers consisting of two flat tops, one curtain-sider, and two drop deck curtain-siders that were recently added to the mix, both designed by leading trailer brand, Freighter and built at the brand’s Ballarat factory. According to Mal Dunn of Torque Logistics, the drop decks allow them to maximise their payload and freight up to 34 pallets, as opposed to just 24 on a flat deck design.
Mal purchased the trailers through Richard Jenson at Freighter’s Queensland distributor, Trailer Sales. The new trailers also boast mezzanine decks to maximise storage space. The second level on the inside allows Torque to store lightweight, sensitive freight on top of heavy items on the ground level, enabling them to hold additional load by compartmentalising the freight room.
The mezzanine decks can carry a maximum of five tonnes and can be moved if required. Depending on the nature of the load Torque Logistics can run the floors back and forth inside the trailers, or remove them if they’re not required for a particular freight. The floor has also been fitted with reinforced tie down points to hold down the weight of the equipment, especially the huge 10-tonne gear boxes for mining machinery. The tie down points not only securely fasten the loads, but prevent the chains from rubbing up against the curtains as well, avoiding any long term damage.
Mal says the purchase of the two drop decks has brought ‘immense value’ to the Torque operation. Similar to how Torque Logistics is Joy’s first choice in terms of transport services, Freighter is their choice for sourcing sturdy, versatile transport equipment that enables them to maximise their payload without having to resort to a B-double configuration, saving on cost and time.

Torque Logistics has placed another order with Freighter for mezzanine deck trailers to be added to their fleet in 2013.

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