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Freighter bridges the gap on drive-through semi-trailers

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article image Tri-State Transport is kept busy, moving mining and construction equipment
MaxiTRANS Western Australia’s Mike Dawson recommended Freighter semi-trailers to his customer for carting vehicles across the country.
Partnering with Freighter’s experienced team of engineers, Mike was able to supply his customer with designs for a B-double semi with permanent half-moon bridging decks between the tag and the lead trailers, resulting in an easy-to-use and time-saving drive-through trailer combination.
Mike’s customer, the WA-based Tri-State Transport sends an average of six road trains each week across Australia, fully loaded both ways. Freighter’s B-double drive-through semi-trailers joined a large fleet of diverse equipment bought with performance considerations well ahead of price.
Tri-State’s Troy Day explains that reliability is a key consideration in all their equipment purchases, with price following quality and service back-up on the scale of priorities. The company decided to go with Freighter’s trailers based on their record of excellent parts and service availability.
After Tri-State owner Andrew Scott and his team had established their requirements, they contacted MaxiTRANS WA Northern Region Sales Manager Mike Dawson for a solution. Since the rig would be carting a number of different vehicles for the mining sector, the company needed a B-double set with drive-through capability.
After noting the requirements, Mike supplied drawings to Tri-State for the B-double semi trailers. They also settled on specific components to suit the task before the build started. The final design had bi-fold hydraulic ramps on the back, retractable ramps between the drop-deck sections on the tag trailer and Freighter’s purpose-designed half-moon bridging decks between the tag and the lead trailer, which gave Tri-State the complete drive-through capability they sought in the solution. The design also ensured that they would never have to unhitch the trailers to load them.
According to Mike, the B-double semi trailer allows a vehicle to be driven up the ramps, onto the tag, and then all the way to the lead trailer, saving Tri-State a great deal of time when they are loading vehicles.

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