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Freighter announces the release of the best closer in the trailer business

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article image Freighter’s patented sequential closing system ensures the AutoHold curtains fasten automatically, even in the wind

The AutoHold is a new auto fastening load restraint TautLiner trailer from Freighter featuring its patented LoadHold load restraint curtains. Available in two models, the AutoHold is described as ‘the best closer in the trailer business’ by Freighter thanks to a patented sequential closing system that ensures the curtains fasten at the touch of a single button, even in windy conditions.

Of the two AutoHold models, one has curtain buckles for easy adjustment while the other comes without buckles for a clean appearance.

A standout feature of the new AutoHold trailer is the one-touch fastening and unfastening of the load restraint curtain, which is designed to save drivers significant amounts of time at each stop. The patented closing system eliminates the need for drivers to open and close every single buckle when loading and unloading; all they need to do is simply press the button and let the trailer’s pneumatic system do the job. Drivers can save at least 15 minutes per stop, significantly enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing the number of drops per day with less stress for the driver.

Freighter General Manager, Mario Colosimo notes that the new technology introduced in the trailer is designed to be as failsafe as possible with a simple pneumatic control system consisting of proven industry components ensuring smooth and worry-free operation.

Should drivers ever get stuck without access to air, the curtains will fasten via its spring return system, allowing them to get back on the road back to the depot and not be left stranded unable to close the curtains. The patented sequential fastening system also ensures the curtain closes even in windy conditions at the press of a button.

Freighter has developed the AutoHold trailers based on customer feedback that sought greater driver safety. The AutoHold is fitted with Freighter’s proven LoadHold load restraint curtains, which eliminates the need for conventional gates for many load types because the load restraint system is built into the curtains. Drivers also significantly reduce their Work Health and Safety risk as they no longer have to manually handle gates. Freighter’s AutoHold has been certified to meet the NTC Load Restraint Guidelines for a unitised load of at least 1,250kg per pallet space. Higher restraint levels can be specified when ordering.

The one-touch unfastening of the load restraint curtains also eliminates the need for the driver to enter the forklift exclusion zone to release the curtains, preventing any chance of loads, which may have shifted during travel to fall on them. Since the drivers do not need to manually fasten and unfasten buckles when loading and unloading, the chance of repetitive strain injury is also reduced.

Both AutoHold models are available now through Freighter’s Australian dealer network. 

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