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Mouser Electronics offers Freescale Semiconductor’s DEMOACKIT Evaluation System for Flexis microcontrollers

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article image DEMOACKIT Evaluation System for the Flexis AC series of MCUs

Mouser Electronics has introduced DEMOACKIT Evaluation System, from Freescale Semiconductor , for the Flexis AC series of microcontrollers.

The DEMOACKIT Evaluation System is a modular system that contains the DEMOAC base board and daughter cards, as well as a built-in USB BDM, LEDs, a serial port, a 3-axis accelerometer sensor, and an I/O header.

The DEMOACEX expansion board plugs into the DEMOACKIT Evaluation System and provides additional functionality, including a large prototype area that allows for the surface mount of SOIC, and TSSOPs, a CAN Phy, 12 additional LEDs, and the recent Freescale capacitive touch sensing technology.

The Flexis AC is the third family of Flexis Series of microcontrollers, the connection point on the Freescale Controller Continuum where 8bit and 32bit compatibility becomes a reality.

The Flexis products offer customers interchangeable S08 and ColdFire V1 devices, with pin, peripheral and tool compatibility to make the design process quick, easy and limitless. The Flexis AC devices offer system protection features for the design of more robust and reliable systems, as well as a peripheral set for improved performance and reduced external component count and overall cost.

Mouser Electronics is also stocking the pre-qualified PC9S08AC128 and PCF51AC256 MCUs, allowing customers to begin designing with the AC family of devices before the fully qualified MCUs are available.

The MC9S08AC128 8bit MCUs feature robust EMC/EMI performance, more advanced peripherals, and larger memory options up to 8KB RAM and 128KB flash.

The standard peripheral set includes two serial communications interfaces (SCIs), two serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs), an Inter-Integrated Circuit (IIC) interface, 14 programmable 16bit timer channels with centre-aligned pulse-width modulation (PWM) capability, a cyclic redundancy check (CRC), and a watchdog timer (COP), as well as a 16-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

The MCF51AC256 32-bit MCUs offer up to 32KB RAM and 256KB flash memory options, as well as higher EMC/EMI performance and more advanced peripherals.

The standard peripheral set includes communication options including an integrated CAN module, 12 programmable 16bit flexible timer (FTM) channels on two independent time bases with center-aligned pulse-width-modulation (PWM) capability, two analog comparators (ACMP), a cyclic redundancy check (CRC), and a watchdog timer (COP), as well as a 24-channel, 12bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

The Flexis AC devices are pin, software and peripheral compatible, providing the flexibility to add or subtract functionality quickly and easily, reducing development time and cost. The combination of performance and on-chip integration make the devices ideal for home appliance and embedded industrial control applications.

According to Mike Scott, Mouser Electronics’ Vice President of Active Products, Flexis family of microcontrollers offers customers scalability for their new projects.

“Customers can utilise the same footprint on the board for their entry-level as well as full-featured products, maximizing their investments in new designs,” Mike Scott said.

“And by continuing to expand our in-stock offering of Freescale’s Flexis MCUs and tools we are able to provide our engineering customers more opportunities to create innovative designs and get them to market quickly.”

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