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Two new controllers for I/A series automation system

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FOXBORO Automation Systems , represented by Invensys, has introduced two new high-performance, optionally redundant/fault-tolerant controllers for Invensys' automation platform, the I/A series system.

The new I/A series ZCP270 controller is designed to fit in existing I/A series mounting structures in rack rooms. It can support up to 120 remote-mounted Fieldbus modules.

The compact and durable new I/A series FCP270 field-mounted controller fits into dedicated slots on field-mounted base plates adjacent to the Fieldbus modules. These baseplates can be located in sealed enclosures close to the process.

Each FCP270 controller can support up to 32 Fieldbus modules.

Both controllers connect to the high-availability/high-performance (1Gbps between switches) I/A Series process control network via a standard fibre optic 100Mbps Ethernet.

Both controllers utilise Foxboro's integrated (regulatory, advanced regulatory, logic, sequential) control package.

On-line software upgrades are available in both simplex and high-availability, redundant/fault-tolerant configurations.

The new controllers offer at least twice the application performance of previous I/A series controllers. This allows them to support more sophisticated unit or plant-wide control strategies than allowed by older models.

The controllers offer GPS time stamping, with one millisecond accuracy for alarm messages, historic values, and new sequence of events (SOE) and transient data analysis (TDA) features.

SOE data is time-stamped and sent to the workstation on a change basis.

Analogue TDA points are time stamped and sent to the workstation every 10 milliseconds.

The ZCP270 and FCP270 provide I/A series system users with features that allow the I/A series automation platform to safely and reliably handle large and demanding applications.

The I/A series controllers also provide the flexibility to configure a system that best meets users’ needs. For example, the ZCP270 rack room controller securely supports centralised control strategies, while the field-mounted FCP270 controller supports distributed field-based control.

The new controllers offer enhanced support for PLCs and other third-party Ethernet and serial-connected devices that communicate via Modbus, ControlLogix, OPC and other protocols. Support for foundation Fieldbus field devices, HART and FoxCom field devices via open field device tool (FDT) technology is also available.

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