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Foxboro’s new automation system

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INVENSYS has introduced a new economical, easy-to-use, and expandable Distributed Control System (DCS) featuring Architecture by ArchestrA.

The Foxboro A2 automation system integrates technology, expertise, and services from across Invensys to provide end-users in general process plants with an automation solution that fits applications better than PLCs and costs less than traditional DCSs.

Based on Invensys' Eurotherm technology, the system I/O combines flexibility, high capability and ruggedness at a low price point. A wide variety of different analogue and digital process inputs and outputs come in high-density configurations that minimise space requirements.

To reduce field wiring costs, the system I/O can be remote mounted on DIN rails close to the process and communicate with the system controllers via Profibus, Modbus, or DeviceNet digital communications.

Built-in PID and logic functionality can eliminate the need for separate controllers in some applications. Depending on specific availability requirements, single and group channel isolation is available.

Several different controller options are available in the new system. Controllers can be mixed and matched as needed to meet specific control requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Full PID and advanced regulatory control functions are supported. Support is also provided for IEC 1131 sequential control and phase logic, plus ISA S88 batch control.

Redundant processors with automatic and seamless switchover; redundant power supplies; and redundant network connections are available. These options can be specified on a controller-by-controller basis, ensuring appropriate levels of availability for most applications, without having to pay for unneeded redundancy.

To maximize user acceptance and productivity, the Foxboro A2 automation system incorporates the latest version of Invensys' best-in-class Wonderware InTouch human machine interface (HMI) software.

The InTouch HMI provides a single integrated view of all plant control and information resources utilising intuitive, easy-to-engineer, dynamic graphical displays.

Built-in operator interface capabilities are also available at the controller level, providing a low-cost local operator station, wherever one is needed.

Even smaller process plants often require supervisory software applications to meet regulatory requirements and help improve business performance.

The modular Wonderware FactorySuite A2 software family provides users with a full suite of powerful, yet easy-to-engineer supervisory applications to draw upon to meet specific plant information requirements.

The Wonderware Industrial Application Server, a core element of the FactorySuite A2 family, is the first software product to be built on an ArchestrA foundation to minimise engineering cost and effort, maximise integration, and provide an enduring application architecture.

Specific supervisory capabilities available on an as-needed basis include: historian, trending, alarming, production tracking, S88-compliant batch management, and a web portal to simplify information flow across a global enterprise.

Every effort has been made to reduce the engineering effort required to configure the Foxboro A2 automation system. The result is an essentially "out of the box" automation system that can be fully configured in hours, rather than days or weeks.

Control strategies are configured graphically via easy-to-use IEC 1131 tools such as function block, sequential function charts (sfc), and structured text.

Operator displays and supervisory applications are configured via Wonderware's easy-to-use Microsoft-based engineering tools, which are fully integrated into the Foxboro A2 automation system engineering environment and control database.

Third-party supervisory applications can be seamless integrated into the system via the Wonderware Industrial Application Server (IAS).

The Foxboro A2 automation system is manufactured, sold, and supported globally by Invensys.

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