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Foxboro introduces ‘mesh’ automation technology

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FOXBORO Automation Systems has introduced its new, "mesh" network technology for the Invensys automation platform - the I/A Series system.

The new technology incorporates commercial off the shelf (COTS) Ethernet switches, ports, and fibre optic media in advanced meshed configurations that provide multiple communications paths between network stations.

The new technology can be utilised to configure ultra-high-availability, high-performance (100Mbps/1Gbps), switched Ethernet process control networks and field networks for new I/A Series systems.

The technology can also be used to efficiently extend existing I/A Series systems.

The new mesh technology can be utilised to configure plantwide process control networks as well as to provide a secure, high-performance link between I/A Series control processors and their associated Fieldbus (I/O) modules.

Where appropriate, I/A Series workstations, control processors, device integrators, and fieldbus modules can all be placed on a common mesh network.

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