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Machinery access interlocks upgraded

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FORTRESS Systems has upgraded its basic locks to make the operation of its interlock systems smoother and simpler.

Used in conjunction with the Fortress, KeyGard and AmGard ranges, including control and power isolation devices, access interlocks and time delay units, the CL lock guards against the hazards that may be encountered when gaining access to dangerous machinery.

In a basic interlock application, equipment will be operating normally with a key trapped in the power switch. To open the gate to access the machinery, the same key must be taken out of the switch, isolating the power, and then inserted, turned and trapped into the door lock.

In this way, the power is isolated before access can be gained, safeguarding employees.

Fortress’ new design of safety interlock, the CL lock, is suitable for high frequency, heavy-duty interlock applications, across a broad spectrum of industries.

The robust product can be used in conjunction with Fortress’ entire KeyGard and AmGard ranges of mechanical and electromechanical safety interlocks.

Designed with the operator in mind, the key may be inserted into the lock either way up, reducing access times to plant and machinery.

Several key-operated rotary switches can be used in conjunction with the CL lock. Commonly used for electrical isolation, H31S and H31SC switches are suitable for panel or surface mounting respectively.

In areas where explosive/flammable gases or dust particles may be present, the H31FLP key operated rotary switch is recommended.

Where a key needs to remain trapped until an electronic signal has been received, for example to enable safe access to machines with run-down cycles, the solenoid controlled H31SS key operated rotary switch unit can be used.

As part of an interlock system, the H31ET, a robust, heavy duty, solenoid controlled key exchange unit, offers the advantage of the exchange and electrical control within one unit and is suitable for machines with a run down time.

The unit ensures that keys may not be released until both the solenoid has been energised and the control power has been isolated. Machines with single access or multiple access points would benefit from the use of this control device.

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