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Actuator and valve testing made easy

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article image Independent testing of valves.

EASI-TEST from Smith Flow Control, represented by Fortress Systems , is a new device that permits the independent testing of pneumatic actuators and process valves on live systems.

Fitted between the valve and actuator, when activated it allows independent testing and operation of the actuator or valve.

Until now, function testing of actuated valves while a process was live has been extremely difficult, usually involving the simultaneous operation of both the actuator and valve. The operation also required a mechanism to depressurise the actuator supply source.

Easi-Test overcomes these difficulties, making independent testing of both declutchable and automatically clutchable valves a simple procedure.

Operating the Easi-Test involves the introduction of a lever tool which automatically disengages the actuator from the valve stem. The valve can then be operated like a traditional manual valve whatever the position of the actuator or the live process condition.

When the valve is declutched it can be locked in any position, allowing maintenance, function testing or changeout of the actuator without interrupting the process or compromising the process management system.

Removing the lever tool ensures the automatic re-engagement of the actuator and valve coupling when the actuator and valve next align - this either occurs automatically or on the next process trip.

Throughout the procedure the operator maintains full manual control of the valve and, while the lever tool is engaged, the valve cannot be operated remotely.

Easi-Test can easily be retrofitted and integrated into existing process systems. The assembly mounting/interface components are 316 stainless steel investment castings, profiled to adapt to standard 150 valve topworks.

Optional extras include a removable security pin which prohibits unauthorised use of the lever tool, a remote indicator switch which detects and reports when the lever tool is engaged, and a padlock device for locking the valve in either the open or closed positions.

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