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Safety interlocks from Fortress Interlocks (NSW)

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Fortress Interlocks (NSW)  offers safety interlocks solutions for process control, machine guarding and switchgear control. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) protect the employees from injury and machineries from damage. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) designs, manufactures and markets industrial control products and safety solutions to protect the equipment, staffs and systems across New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia.

Fortress Interlocks (NSW) has been providing protective solutions for nearly twenty two years. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) specialises in three main groups of products which includes safety interlocks, resistors and cash systems.

Safety interlocks from Fortress Interlocks (NSW) are offered in order to control a sequence of events like preventing an operator from door opening or machines till it rests and ensures opening of circuit breaker prior to closing of earth switch.

Fortress Interlocks (NSW) offers H3I interlocks which can be used for switchgear and machine guarding applications. H3I interlocks are trapped key interlocks which are designed for interlocking electrical switchgear. The H3I range of interlocks is ideally used in machine guarding applications in various industries ranging from wine production to steel manufacture. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) manufactures complete range of trapped key interlocks and offers standard products for emergency situations.

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