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CL interlocks offered by Fortress Interlocks (NSW)

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Fortress Interlocks (NSW)  offers CL interlocks that are well suited for applications such as machine guarding in tough environments. CL interlocks is a new safety interlock offered by Fortress Interlocks (NSW). CL interlocks are strong and have a radial disc tumbler design. CL interlocks are locks that have been tested to several operations and they provide a lot of user friendly advantages.

Every moving part and key of CL interlock has been made from stainless steel which makes CL interlock the first choice of customers for a basic lock. CL interlocks offered by Fortress Interlocks (NSW) are available as a complete range and also as a completely stainless steel version (CLS).

In addition to the CL interlocks a Masterable version is also available with Fortress Interlocks (NSW). Masterable version is appropriate for high frequency access applications and it includes about two hundred thousands masterable lock combinations in up to two thousands sets.

Masterable version offered by Fortress Interlocks (NSW) is completely well-matched with AmGard and KeyGard ranges of safety interlocks and this lock also offers multi-level Masterable options.

Apart from locks, safety interlocks category of Fortress Interlocks (NSW) also includes safety relays. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) provides Pilz safety relays as a part of its system package.

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