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Food & Feed extrusion course in August by FoodStream

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This year’s Australia Food & Feed Extrusion course by FoodStream will run in Sydney from 15 to 17 August. The main presenter is Mr Dennis Forte, of Dennis Forte & Associates has a wide practical experience in extrusion – from pet foods and aquafeeds, to human foods including snacks, pasta, and breakfast cereals.

Extrusion training programs by FoodStream have been running in Australia for more than 13 years now, and Thailand since 2004. These training and education services have been highly regarded for way in which the theory is related to everyday practical extrusion operations.

The Thailand series of courses being presented in July give opportunity of a very practical approach being taken, with access to a pilot plant that has both single and twin screw long-barrel extruders, and short-barrel collet extruders.

“Unfortunately, in Australia there is no public institution with such a range of equipment available” said course organizer and second presenter Gordon Young. “However we do appreciate the cooperation of New Food Coatings, who will host a visit to their extrusion section".

For those wanting additional depth in the area of die design, a two-day Extruder Die Design is being offered following the main extrusion course.

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