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Wrapper reduces changeover times

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An assortment of four different diameter aerosols in varying heights are shrinkwrapped at 300 cans per minute by contract filler and packer Pax Australia, according to operations director Wes Pembroke.

Using the equivalent of fly-by-wire technology, Pax’s new SMI wrapping machine also drastically reduces changeover time.

“We can do a height change in five minutes and diameter in less than 15,” says Mr Pembroke.

“Our old machine would take an hour to change over and it wasn’t necessarily repeatable. I might spend another hour tuning it after.”

The SMI automatically groups the cans, splitting them into twin lanes for separate shrinkwrapping. It interfaces seamlessly with both infeed and outfeed conveyors on Pax’s highly automated line.

“The machine will run for hours without any drama or operator intervention. If a problem comes from up the line, like a can falling over, it stops the line automatically,” Mr Pembroke added.

Pax investigated a range of American, Australian and European options before selecting SMI for its Ingleburn plant.

“We looked at a couple of breweries using the SMI in Australia and like the speed and constant flow. It just looked right,” Mr Pembroke said.

In the past four years, Foodmach Australia has installed more than twenty SMI shrinkwrapping and carton forming systems for brewers, beverage and other packers.

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