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Single-filing glassware technology

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article image Glassware now runs jam-free at ACI Spotswood.

THE days of jamming and breaking of glassware on conveyor lines can be a thing of the past, thanks to new technology in pressureless single filing introduced to ACI Spotswood by Foodmach .

Bringing glassware from mass flow into single file was traditionally managed with fixed guide railing, and 'jam breakers' - a range of different hardware solutions.

Added to the mechanical forces these jam breakers applied to the glass ware, line pressure from the incoming containers often only made the jam much worse, leading to containers breaking under the pressure.

Occupational Health and Safety issues arose from broken glass and the need for operators to manually relieve the pressure.

In a world first for glass makers, Foodmach has applied proven technology, developed in house, and used in the beverage and food packaging lines, to take the whole problem of jam breakers and broken ware away from the lines at ACI Spotswood.

The pressureless, single-filing technology has dramatically improved the reliability and performance of the glassware handling systems, improving product flow and productivity, at the same time reducing risks to operators.

The pressureless single filer is a purpose-engineered conveyor unit, combined with software and operating logic to ensure the ability of the single filer to handle a wide range of ware, in varying shapes and sizes, and at the variable line speeds required in production environments.

Mechanical adjustment between job changes is minimal, and the first two systems have proven so successful that future lines have been earmarked for upgrade to this technology as soon as practical.

Foodmach manufactures and imports a wide range of packaging machinery with the emphasis on food and beverage industries.

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