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Foodmach install world first rational palletiser

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IN A world-first palletising breakthrough, Foodmach Australia has developed a palletiser that guarantees void-free delivery while being programmable for a variety of patterns that maximise pallet usage.

It was recently installed at Amcor’s Kyabram plant, where large cans had been a long-standing problem.

Cans at the edge would overhang the pallet, risking damage.

However, a simple “underfit” was no answer because this interfered with the customer’s depalletiser. After an international search, it was Echuca-based Foodmach that solved the problem.

“Anyone stacking by hand will quickly make best use of the off-square shape of the canmaker’s pallet,” observed Foodmach packaging consultant Michael Power.

“But our challenge was to design a machine to match human common sense.”

Foodmach’s answer was to create oscillating row-former lanes, programmed to accurately stagger the lines of cans for optimum pallet usage. A sensor and shunt system eliminates voids, guaranteeing correct contents on every pallet.

It is thought to be the only void-eliminating system in the world capable of handling cans as wide as 153mm.

Capacity with 127mm cans has risen from 88 to 90 per layer. Complete layers are formed at the rate of 5 per minute.

Based on a Series 2000 can palletiser that has been operating successfully at Southcorp Wodonga for over a year, the Amcor machine can be reconfigured in a few minutes for different can sizes and pallet layouts.

A rugged system of pneumatics and servo motors delivers high speed with accurate braking as the cans speed through the forming process. With a hoist capacity of 1000kg, the palletiser is equally suited to steel, PET or glass containers.

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