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Dietary and lifestyle research services from Food Science Australia

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The CSIRO Human Nutrition Centre, which is managed by Food Science Australia , has undertaken widespread dietary and lifestyle research. This has led to the development of new health and wellbeing guidelines. These guidelines have been very successful in the promotion of innovative food by companies who have aligned their food development with the research findings of Food Science Australia.

The processing innovation services from Food Science Australia provides research to deliver food processing solutions that are suitable for every stage of the business, improve the manufacturing efficiencies, help in the development of packaging materials that improve the marketability of products and address the emerging consumer demands for healthy food.

The expertise of Food Science Australia spans across the following areas, new processing systems and ingredients, process automation and efficiency, containment system design, development of new packaging materials for enhanced quality and security.

Some of the core capabilities of Food Science Australia are separating and extracting bioactive ingredients from food processing streams, encapsulating functional ingredients, delivering bioactive ingredients to the gastrointestinal tract, microbe and plant-mediated biocatalysis, new food safety management techniques and ways to control food safety hazards.

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