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article image Remains comfortable during extended use.

BETTCHER Industries, represented in Australia by FPE , has released handheld trimmers for meat processing operations. AirMax trimmers faster and more easily than conventional pneumatic trimmers with greater power. They are suitable for removing fat from hams, pork loins and strips.

A valve assembly allows easy one-handed starting of the tool. This is useful for workers who engage in short but frequent uses of the trimmer. The standard two-handed start is better suited to operators who use the trimmer for more extended periods of time. The one-handed start option is easily interchangeable with all AirMax handpieces. It is available as part of the air hose and valve assembly.

The handpiece has a contoured handle engineered to reduce grip force and reduce the risk of the tool turning or twisting in the hand. The handles are made of a vibration absorbing material and are colour-coded by size for easy identification. They remain comfortable during extended use.

A cartridge-style air motor provides quick and easy maintenance. An enhanced gear mesh design contributes to smoother blade operation while captive hex-head housing screws provide easier, faster removal and reinstallation of the blade housing and blades. This design also makes it easier for the operator to fine-tune the blade adjustment. Many AirMax models have a built-in steeling device that precisely steels the inside blade edge with the push of a button knob.

The trimmers come with a reduced-weight coaxial hose for improved mobility. The hose attaches to the trimmer via an exclusive swivel connection that allows the trimmer to rotate independently from the air hose, greatly reducing wrist load during operation. In addition, the interchangeability of common parts between all Bettcher Industries Series II electric and pneumatic trimmer models provides meat processors with maximum flexibility and minimised inventory requirements.

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