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Varity of floorings from Food Flooring

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Food Flooring  offers three types of non slip floors, namely, the polyurethane, epoxy and MMA floors. The polyurethane floorings from Food Flooring are a widely used flooring type in the food and beverage industry. Food Flooring involves complex installation process. The installation services are offered by Food Flooring at reasonable rates. The benefits of using polyurethane flooring is that it has superior bond strength, it is long lasting, it can withstand harsh temperature conditions and is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, textures and finishes.

Food Flooring also offers customised flooring solutions to match individual requirements. Food flooring also assist the customers in choosing a flooring pattern. Food Flooring offers a wide range of epoxy floorings. Epoxy is made by mixing a variety of chemicals to deliver hard and durable surfaces. It is also available in varied colours, designs and patterns.

Some of the benefits of using epoxy include, it can be applied in varied foams and thicknesses. It is available in varied textures and patterns as well. It is long lasting and can withstand the food industries cleaning procedures.

This material of flooring from Food Flooring is cost effective and is suitable for a wide range of solutions.

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