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Voice data video verification tool kit

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FLUKE ’s MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit is an all-in-one voice data video verification tool kit.

It verifies twisted pair (UTP/STP/SSTP, Cat 5e Cat 6), coax cables (RG6, RG11, etc. for CATV/CCTV), Cat 3 telephone cabling and bare wire such as speaker wire and security networks.

The MicroScanner Pro measures length, distance to fault via TDR and quickly identifies active network ports and hubs. The kit also includes a MicroProbe for locating cables hidden in walls, ceilings and wiring closets as well as a wiremap adapter, F-connector coax adapter, bare wire adapter and office ID kit.

The kit also includes a "Business in a Box" CD containing installation standards, trouble-shooting tips, an electronic verification report and verification stickers.

The Installation Tool Kit can be used with the MicroScanner Pro VDV Kit. It includes all tools needed for installing data cabling such as a UTP/STP cable jacket stripper, a punchdown tool with switchable tip for 66 and 110 blocks and an RJ45 connector crimping tool.

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