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THE original Fluke 43, first introduced in 1998, combined a power quality analyser, multimeter and scope in one easy-to-use tool. It could show voltage and current waveforms, calculate harmonics, capture voltage events like sags, swells and transients, and display motor inrush current.

The easy-to-use menu interface made it very popular with electricians who were not that comfortable with scopes, as well as with service engineers and power quality professionals.

The new 43B, from Fluke Australia , has all the functions of the 43, but adds some more user-friendly features. The 43B is now suitable for field harmonic surveys, since one save has all the harmonic data for each particular measurement location.

The 43B has doubled the storage locations to 20. The Power Mode now has a 3-phase soft key, to measure 3-phase power and power factor on balanced loads like 3-phase motors. A new graphic screen shows the user how to set up the measurement.

It has a user interface that lets you toggle through the most used power quality modes (volt/amps/Hz, power and harmonics) with a single keystroke. No more side-trips through the menu screen.

CF (crest factor) has been added to the volts/amps/Hertz screen. You can now trigger on Input 2 (clamp input).

Also, if you activated the second channel and then leave the Scope Mode, Input 2 will now stay activated when you return to Scope Mode. An auto set key and an auto/manual indicator will be added.

When record screens are saved, they too are saved as data sets. When recalled, the cursor can be activated and the display will show changing values.

The upgraded FlukeView software for the 43B supports logging, reading and displaying of harmonics, logging of all readings shown on the instrument screen, and easy exchange data to other programs.

It runs on all versions of Windows including 2000 and NT 4.0.

The Fluke 43B power quality analyser performs the measurements needed to maintain power systems, troubleshoot power problems and diagnose equipment failures. All in a rugged handheld package.

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