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Trace and locate hidden network cables

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FLUKE Networks has introduced MicroNetBlink to quickly find network ports and cables, eliminating the guesswork that comes from finding hidden cables in crowded wiring closets, bundles, walls and ceilings.

MicroNetBlink is a unique new tool to quickly identify network ports and cables through both analog toning and digital signaling methods.

The MicroNetBlink will flash hub and switch port lights for immediate port location in a busy wiring closet. It features a tone generator that with a MicroProbe (or any other inductive probe) allows users to trace cables hidden in floors, ceilings, walls, and in bundles.

The tone generator sends tones using the red and black leads, RJ45, and coaxial connections. The MicroNetBlink can also verify the cables' continuity, pair condition, line polarity, and voltage in network cabling systems and modular telephone lines.

The MicroNetBlink is available in kit form, bundled with the MicroProbe, or separately. Fluke Australia 02 8850 3333.

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