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The Latest Range of Thermal Imagers from Fluke

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article image Fluke Ti100 Thermal Imager

Fluke have added 5 new easy to use thermal imagers that have a broad range of capabilities used for troubleshooting and diagnostic routines.

  • The Fluke Ti110 and Ti125 are designed for industrial and commercial applications
  • The TiR110 and TiR125 are for building diagnostic applications
  • Ti100 is for general purpose use
Features if Fluke Thermal Imagers:
  • IR Optiflex™ have an automatic focus with a manual focus option available for close ups. The IR Optiflex will take fast, sharp-focused and accurate images.
  • IR-Fusion® technology is the only point and shoot IR-Fusion camera, the patented Fluke technology integrates digital and infrared images into the one image.
  • One handed operation, this device is 739 grams in total it is designed to be light to aim either vertically or horizontally and won't tire hand's out.
  • Ruggedly built and able to survive drops of up to 2 metres.

  • Multi-mode video recording ability to record focus-free videos in visible light and infrared with the capabilities of IR-F Fusion. Processes monitors over time, troubleshoot frame by frame and create infrared video reports.

  • IR PhotoNotes™ capable of capturing up to three digital photos per thermal image file, keeping an extra record of equipment models, nameplates and other significant information.
  • Electronic compass saves the location of the problem with the thermal image.
  • SmartView® is designed with IR analysis and reporting software for professional analysis of infrared images. Unlimited licenses and free lifetime upgrades included.

Fluke thermal imagers package includes:

  • Ac power adapter
  • Lithium ion smart battery
  • USB cable for direct to PC image download
  • SD memory card
  • Hard carrying case
  • Soft transport bag
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • User manual
Ti110, Ti125, TiR110, and TiR125 include IR-OptiFlex focus system, IR-PhotoNotes annotation system, focus-free video, IR-Fusion technology and SmartView.

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