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New vibration tester from Fluke Australia redefines mechanical troubleshooting

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article image The Fluke 810 vibration tester also bridges the skills gap by capturing decades of mechanical experience in one tool
Deciphering machine vibration problems quickly and efficiently has traditionally been a difficult task, though an important one, as vibration is often an early sign of mechanical trouble.

In the past, technicians have resorted to using tools like dowels, screwdrivers or stethoscopes in an attempt to diagnose the problem without resorting to costly alternatives like expensive consultants, complex vibration analysis tools, or full Predictive Maintenance programs.

Depending on the size of a business, these alternatives can be prohibitively expensive in time, money and manpower. Simply put, many maintenance teams need fast and actionable answers.

This is where Fluke Australia 's new vibration tester provides an affordable solution. Designed for on the spot diagnosis of mechanical problems, the company describes the Fluke 810 as the most advanced troubleshooting tool for mechanical maintenance teams.

The new troubleshooting tool:
  • analyses common equipment
  • detects the root causes and locations of mechanical failures
  • gives an immediate fault severity assessment and repair recommendations
  • helps technicians quickly understand machine health and set repair priorities so they can work more efficiently and effectively; and
  • helps managers control unplanned downtime by anticipating problems early, eliminating recurring problems, and manage resources.
Using the Fluke 810, then, troubleshooting machines becomes a simple three step process:
  1. Setup
  2. Measure; and then
  3. Diagnose.
First, technicians enter basic machine information such as RPM and horsepower. An on-board info feature provides field tips for setting up and taking measurements where required.

The tester can then be used to quickly troubleshoot problems on the spot, or monitor machine conditions.

Once measurements have been taken, the Fluke 810 can identify the root cause of the problem, its location and severity at the touch of a button.

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