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New-format Fluke VT02 visual infrared thermometer fills the gap between thermometers and thermal imagers

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Fluke Australia  announces the release of the Fluke VT02 visual IR thermometer, a new troubleshooting camera with an infrared heat map.

Fluke VT02 visual infrared thermometers have been introduced to fill the gap between single-point infrared thermometers and high-resolution thermal imagers or IR cameras. Electricians and industrial, HVAC and automotive technicians can choose the Fluke VT02 when a single-spot temperature reading isn’t enough but a high-resolution thermal image is more than they need during inspections.

Combining the visual insight of a thermal imager, the visual images of a digital camera, and the point-and-shoot convenience of an IR thermometer, the new Fluke VT02 visual IR thermometers enable faster inspections for electrical, industrial, HVAC/R and automotive applications than an infrared thermometer, which requires multiple readings and manually recorded results.

Fluke VT02 visual infrared thermometers are affordable, compact and intuitive, operating with focus-free simplicity, expanding the user base from senior to junior technicians and broadening applications for in-house staff as well as creating new business opportunities for service contractors.

Key features of Fluke VT02 visual infrared thermometers:

  • Instantly detects problems using blended thermal and digital imagery
  • Uses hyper-thin pyroelectric technology to create an infrared heat map
  • Displays and saves images as full visual, full infrared, or in three blended modes (25, 50 and 75%
  • Markers pinpoint hot and cold spots indicating the hottest temperature with a red box and the coldest with a blue box
  • Temperature reading provided at the centre point
  • Images are saved to the micro-SD card, eliminating the need to write down measurements
  • Images can be imported into SmartView analysis and reporting software

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