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New Visual Infrared Thermometer’s sharper resolution detects issues instantly

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Fluke Australia  announces a new infrared thermometer that offers four times sharper resolution and alarm features to detect problem areas in seconds.

The new Fluke VT04 Visual infrared thermometer features a built-in digital camera and thermal heat map overlay that bridges the gap between traditional IR thermometers and infrared cameras.

Building on the extremely popular Fluke VT02, the VT04 is the ideal frontline troubleshooting tool for electrical, industrial maintenance, HVAC/R, and automotive applications. The new IR thermometer adds PyroBlend Plus with sharper resolution and automatic alarm features never seen before on entry-level infrared cameras.

The ultra-compact Fluke VT04 is fully automatic with built-in intelligence to allow quick detection of issues without any training required.

Henk van Velze, managing director, Fluke Australia observes that the VT02 and VT04 are compact and affordable enough to equip an entire team.

Alarm features in the VT04 Visual infrared thermometers for stubborn intermittent issues include a hi-lo temperature alarm that flashes on the screen if the user-selected temperature is exceeded; a time-lapse image capture that can be set to capture images in 30-second to one-hour intervals; and an auto-monitor alarm that initiates image capture automatically after a temperature alarm has been triggered, letting users automatically capture images, even while the VT04 is unattended, using the universal tripod mount.

The VT04 Visual infrared thermometer displays and saves images as full digital, full infrared or in three blended modes (25, 50, and 75 per cent) with a 40 per cent wider field of view than the VT02. Markers pinpoint hot and cold spots indicating the hottest and coldest temperatures on the screen.

A temperature reading is provided at the centre point. Images are saved to the micro-SD card supplied with the unit, eliminating the need to write down single or multiple measurements. The VT04 Visual IR thermometer also has a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Images from the VT04 can be imported into the SmartView analysis and reporting software to produce professional reports that document problems detected or repairs made for management and customer review.

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