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FLUKE has introduced a range of multifunction electrical installation testers, the 1650 series.

The testers perform all continuity, insulation resistance, loop impedance, short-circuit current and RCD tests required to verify conformity with IEC 60364 standard for fixed electrical installations in buildings and its various national equivalent standards.

Designed for wearing on a neck-strap, its 'curved' form, low weight (1.17kg) and straightforward user interface make it a suitable tool for comfortable all-day testing in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

Integrating a test button into the slim design probe to facilitate one-handed access of hard to reach terminals enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidentally touching a live conductor. A built-in live voltage indicator further improves safety during insulation resistance testing.

The installation testers have a large backlit display with a wide viewing angle and are easy-to-operate.

The testers are available labelled in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) plus internationally recognised graphical symbols. The instrument conforms to the requirements of the EN 61557/VDE 0413 standards for test equipment for installation testing.

There are three models in the range to perform voltage, continuity, insulation resistance, loop impedance, short-circuit current and RCDs tests.

The 1650 series include features that make installation testing faster and easier. The 1651 performs trip time tests of residual current activated devices (RCDs) while the 1652 adds RCD tripping level and RCD auto testing to its capabilities.

The 1653 also carries out earth resistance and phase sequence measurement. The 1653 model also features an internal memory to store up to 500 measurements plus an infrared (IR) port to connect it to a PC. In combination with FlukeView Forms software, this allows results stored in the memory to be incorporated in custom generated reports.

All models use advanced loop measurement technology to prevent RCDs from tripping during earth-loop testing, leading to consistent and repeatable results. The RCD auto test routine on the 1652 and 1653 models saves time by eliminating the need to constantly return to the installation tester after resetting a tripped RCD.

The 1650 series multifunction installation testers can withstand a 1m drop to meet the tough demands of field use.

Six alkaline cell batteries are supplied; rechargeable batteries can also be used.

All models are equipped with test leads, crocodile clips, heavy-duty carrying case, neck strap, mains connection lead, language reference card and an operating manual on CD-ROM. The 1653 also has an IR adaptor for PC connection.

FlukeView Forms software and earth spikes for earth resistance testing with the 1653 are available as optional extras.

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