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Managing welding risks

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No matter how hard employees or companies work at safety and maintenance, there are still going to be things that put workers at risk. 
Cutting and welding is one such liability. 

According to test tool manufacturer Fluke, welding is one of the highest risk activities in the industry. 

This risk has been confirmed by the NSW Government, with the Department of Primary Indutries releasing its own guidelines for safe cutting and welding at mines. 

With not only the opera­tion of the mine but the wellbeing of workers and the com­munity at stake, the testing and reliability of welding equipment is an important consideration for mining companies. 

Using Fluke ScopeMeters, service and training company Capability Resources says it's been able to keep track of its gear and ensure welding equipment meets guidelines. 

Capability's team visits mines across NSW to assist com­panies and employees with welding safety com­pliance. 

The company also makes recommendations, equipment repairs, and ­provides new equipment when required. 

In a statement Fluke said the ScopeMeter measures and displays voltage signals and allows users to determine whether glitches, distortion, or noise is affecting equipment. 

It said the meter's electrically floating inputs, and fanless and battery-powered operation, set it apart from other products. 
Fluke said because it was fanless the meter prevented dust build-up, which increased reliability and made it perfect for use in mining's harsh environments. 

It said the tool made safety-certified measurements possible, which were "critical in safely troubleshooting electrical devices in high-energy applications". 

Capability also said using the meter on its equipment helped minimise the risk of electrocution from faulty equipment. 

In a statement Capability operations manager Andrew Carter said the meter helped give "peace of mind for operators and management in the knowledge their equipment is being maintained to the highest standards". 

"The meters are fit for purpose allowing us to ­undertake our testing safely, accurately and efficiently." 

Carter said Capability had also conducted Scope Meter training to ensure staff could use the tool properly. 

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