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Intrinsically safe handheld thermometer

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HART Scientific, represented by Fluke Australia , has launched the Dostmann manufactured Model 5577 intrinsically safe handheld reference thermometer, meeting the demand for ATEX certified electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The 5577 provides basic accuracy of ±0.05ºC over its full range of -100ºC to 135ºC.

In addition, each 5577 system (meter and probe) comes calibrated over its full range by Hart Scientific. This provides for National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accredited system calibration.

It has two inputs and can display either simultaneous side-by-side readings from both inputs or the differences between the two inputs for easy comparisons.

The 5577 is rated for intrinsic safety by CENELEC in Europe and has the following rating: EX II 2G EEx ib IIB T4.

With a permissible maximum surface temperature of 135°C, the product is suitable for all areas except mining environments.

This intrinsically safe thermometer is a critical instrument for petrochemical refineries that have mainly relied on delicate liquid-in-glass thermometers for temperature measurements.

It's also a valuable device for natural gas firms, which, in custody transfer applications, must take precise temperature measurements to ensure volume accuracy.

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