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High-performance universal waveform generators

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FLUKE has released the 39x series of 125MS/s universal waveform generators that produce high-resolution complex waveforms.

The 14-bit resolution generators provide 16,384 output levels, allowing video or other complex waveforms to be generated with small details superimposed on large signals to enable testing of sensitive analogue circuits.

The Model 396 single-channel and Model 397 dual-channel generators include 11 basic waveforms with adjustable parameters that are accessible from the front panel.

The dual-output 397 can eliminate the need for two separate generators by simulating two signals phase locked or related to each other.

The memory in both models can be divided into as many as 4,096 segments, which can be looped and linked in a variety of ways.

The Fluke 39x series is part of the company’s complete range of signal source generators designed for low frequency (50MHz or lower) manufacturing and service applications.

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