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High-magnification speeds fibre inspection

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FLUKE Networks has expanded the capabilities of its FibreInspector video microscope by adding the high magnification necessary to inspect single-mode fibre cores.

The new 400x FT400 FibreInspector is designed to quickly inspect installed fibre terminations in patch panels, hardware devices and test equipment.

The FibreInspector saves time by eliminating the need to access the backside of panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection.

“Although single-mode fibre makes up only five percent of premises fibre ports and connectors, it is growing at twice the rate of multimode fibre,” said Tom Jordal, product manager for Fluke Networks Fibre Optic Products.

“Even more important, the applications running on single-mode fibre are the most critical in the network. Therefore, inspection of this fibre is very important to network owners and installers.”

Recently, Fluke Networks commissioned a market study to determine why fibres failed. The study revealed that dirty end connectors were the most common reason for fibre failure during the installation process.

The study also found a large percentage of contractors and network owners require their technicians to inspect fibre end-faces during installation and troubleshooting, a time-consuming task with traditional microscopes.

Like the 250x FT300, the 400x FT400 Fibre Inspector inspects terminated fibre through bulkhead adapters at the front of the panel, accelerating troubleshooting by tenfold.

Instead of removing each individual fibre, users need only insert the video probe to inspect the fibre while it’s still in place. This is the only practical way to inspect many hardware devices, where disassembly is not a realistic option.

The FT400 FibreInspector includes a handheld 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) LCD display unit and a small, lightweight probe, which contains a long-life LED light source and CCD video camera.

The probe adapter tip mates with the connector and projects clear, high-magnification images of microscopic debris and end-face damage on the LCD display.

The video display allows users to view a fibre end-face without looking directly into the fibre, thereby eliminating the chance of any harmful infrared lights reaching the eye. Fluke Australia 02 8850 3333.

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