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High accuracy in handheld thermometer

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FLUKE Australia has introduced the Hart Scientific Standards handheld thermometer in Australia and New Zealand. This thermometer, model HT1521, offers bench top accuracy (±0.005°C) while being battery operated.

It reads temperature devices such as PRTs and RTDs to an accuracy of 0.025°C and thermistors to an accuracy of 0.005°C.

The thermometer works with the unique INFO-CON connector which allows interchangeable use of calibrated probes and eliminates errors from programming probe data.

The INFO-CON connector stores the characterisation constants for RTDs or thermistors so there is no need to enter them manually.

The Standards Thermometer also offers well known features such as MIN/MAX recording, Display Hold function, RS232 port and cable (standard), and works with rechargeable NiMH batteries. The battery charger comes standard with the unit.

A variation of the Standards Thermometer is the HT1522 which is the same Standard Thermometer with logging capabilities. The unit has an Auto Logging Mode which records up to 10,000 measurements.

These measurements are recorded at 12 selectable intervals ranging from one second to one hour.

Demand logging with the HT1522 logs up to 100 individual measurements, each one tagged with one of 25 data labels. Optional software allows downloads to a PC with the built-in IR port or through the RS232 serial port. Fluke Australia 028850 3333.

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