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FLUKE Networks has announced a new addition to its line of handheld testers, the LinkRunner network multimeter.

Aimed at front-line network technicians, LinkRunner performs essential tests for troubleshooting and identifying problems in the physical and link layers of local area networks, the source of over half of network problems.

By allowing technicians, servicemen, and integrators to quickly determine if a problem is in the network, cable, patch cord or PC NIC, LinkRunner dramatically increases both their productivity and the accuracy of their network problem diagnoses.

By simply plugging in LinkRunner, users can automate a series of tests:

* Link tests to determine whether the drop is active and to identify its speed, duplex capabilities, and service type (e.g., Ethernet, Token Ring, Telco). Users can then reconfigure these settings on the hub or PC as needed.

* Length tests to determine whether the cable length is within specifications, what type it is (straight or crossover), and whether it has any faults. These tests, which work for both structured and patch cables, eliminate the need for a separate cable tester.

* Ping tests to verify connectivity to key network resources and to determine whether the PC NIC is responding. LinkRunner pings and responds to pings.

Additional features and accessories quickly trace cable runs through moves, additions, changes, and breaks, ideal for environments where technicians may lose track of which cables are connected to which devices.

LinkRunner offers a new Link Pulse feature and optional accessories to solve these problems:

* Link Pulse: flashes the hub LED to help the user find the destination of the cable when the link terminates to an active port.

* Cable ID Accessory: traces the connection path between the wall plate and the patch panel or cross connect.

* Tone Probe Receiver: inductively detects the toning signal generated by LinkRunner to help users quickly identify the location of specific wires.

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