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THE Fluke ScopeMeter 190 series, available from Obiat, are handheld, battery-powered oscilloscopes. The series features three models: model 199 at 200MHz and2.5GS/s, model 196 at 100MHz and1GS/s, and model 192 with 60MHz and 500MS/s.

All three models use separate digitisers on both floating, isolated inputs and feature deep memory of 27500 points per channel using ScopeRecord roll mode. The continuous roll mode stores signals for up to 30 hours while still capturing past intermittens and glitches as fast as 50nsec.

Like with other ScopeMeter test tools, the series also features a 5,000 count true rms multimeter and a TrendPlot function for paperless recording.

The series features the unique Connect-and-View automatic triggering, providing a stable and accurate display of virtually any signal whatever the signal complexity or dynamics, without the need for setting up the instrument, according to Fluke. Besides advanced automatic triggering, the models offer various manual triggering modes such as edge, pulse width, video (line count and field select), delay and external triggering. This gives the engineer the trigger power to capture virtually any signal.

Many scope users find it frustrating to see anomalies flash by, without the opportunity to have a closer look. Fluke claims that the 190 series offers the unique ability to look at missed signals at the touch of the replay button. In normal mode, the instrument continuously memorises the last 100 screens. At any moment, these 100 screens can be frozen and scrolled through picture-by-picture or replayed continuously as a live animation.

The meters offer cursors, 24 automatic scope measurements, a real-time clock and real-time sampling per input. Further, the zoom function permits detailed signal analysis of single sample measurements.

All models boast an enhanced user interface, a sealed, dust and drip proof case with a large extra-bright display and a multi-task industrial probe set that measures millivolts to k Volts.

The 190 series is suitable for service professionals, electronic engineers and technicians involved in system integration of engineering, installation and services.

Fluke, represented locally by Obiat, Tel: (02) 96984111

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